HSP Gathering Retreats. Since 2001.

HSP Gathering Retreats.
Since 2001

Retreat. Explore. Discover. Express. Play. Celebrate. You.

I am Celebrating! 20 years since the HSP Gathering Retreats were founded and 25 years since Elaine Aron’s first book, The Highly Sensitive Person, How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, was first published.

The HSP Gathering Retreats have evolved and grown organically over the years. It has been an honor to observe them move through three stages of growth: What? So What? and Now What? This was actually a process I thought original to me, only to find out it is a reflective model created in 2002 by Rolfe et.al.

This model asks us to pause to check, look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves three questions ~ that I have adapted to being an HSP: 1) What? What do I know about being and HSP? 2) So What? What does this mean to me? 3) Now What? Where do I go from here? What am I responsible for? Regardless of the year, these questions seem to invariably get answered collectively at an HSP Gathering Retreat.

The 37th HSP Gathering Retreat

Coming Home to Ourselves as Highly Sensitive People

September 8 – 12, 2022,
YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado
2515 Tunnel Road
Estes Park, Colorado  80511

The 37th HSP Gathering Retreat Registration Form
Costs includes: conference fee, 3 meals per day, all taxes and fees.

Note: Our group has rooms reserved in Alpen Inn and Central Lodges, both with Wi-Fi, no TV.

Alpen Inn: 2 Queens, one couch, post card balcony view. A 10-15 minute walk to the dining room and our meeting room; 5 minutes to drive.

Central Lodge: 2 Queen Beds, limited view, close to dining room and our meeting room.
Payment by Check: If you would like to pay via check to save yourself the 3.9% PayPal fee, please email Jacquelyn for instructions.
$ 0.00

Early Registration
It is strongly suggested that you reserve your space at this retreat ASAP because we have only booked a certain number of rooms.  Adding additional rooms at a later day may not be possible.

Cancellation Policy:
YMCA has a very strict cancellation policy that I must unfortunately pass on to you.  There can be no refunds after June 8, 2022 unless your space can be filled. Thanks for understanding.

Transportation & Ride Sharing:
We strongly encourage ride sharing.  If you can offer a ride, especially to and from Denver International Airport (DIA) or you need a ride please email Jacquelyn.

Estes Park Shuttle:   www.estesparkshuttle.com/DIA-airport-shuttle  ($115 round trip)
Rental cars at DIA can be very expensive.  An alternative to try is:  Turo Car Rentals.  Turo is basically the Air Bnb of rental cars, turo.com.

Other important things to know:

What to bring.
Covid updates.

High Altitude
The elevation of YMCA of the Rockies is 7,533 feet above sea level,  and this can cause problems for some travelers.
The YMCA suggests the following to help visitors adapt to altitude: ** Drink plenty of water (64 ounce daily)  **Rest if you feel fatigued or dizzy** avoid alcohol ** arrive early if possible, rest take it slow and easy the first day ** rigorous exercise not recommended the first day ** Reapply sunscreen often.

Agenda & Schedule:
Our agenda allows for a later start to the day, with lots of breaks and rest times;  a half-day for leisure activities of hiking,  horseback riding, crafts at the YMCA art center, visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, the town of Estes Park, or simply resting, solitude, journaling, or a massage onsite?

Other questions or concerns?
  Please email Jacquelyn.

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What to Know About the HSP Gathering Retreats

The HSP Gathering Retreats, were co-founded in the U.S. in 2001 after honoring a series synchronistic events which led Jacquelyn to connect with research psychologist, Dr. Elaine Aron. Elaine and Jacquelyn Strickland, a Licensed Professional Counselor, in Ft. Collins, Colorado held the first HSP Gathering in May 2001 in Northern California for 37 HSP1!

Since that time there have been 36 (including the one in Sept 2019) HSP Gathering Retreats both nationally and internationally. There have been 4 in the United Kingdom, 3 in British Columbia, Canada, 3in Colorado USA, 2 in North Carolina USA,1in Texas, an dall others on the East and West Coasts of the U.S.

It is interesting to note: This HSP Gathering Retreats are not a conference, a workshop, a seminar or a lecture. Yet, they can contain a combination of any of these, and most accurately, these retreats are loosely structured, non-hierarchal, and experiential in nature. Each one is different from the last based on the energies, temperaments and personalities shared by the participants. Jacquelyn is a seasoned facilitator honoring each individual’s experience while encouraging a safe, open environment to share one’s joys and challenges over the course of 5 days. One participant shared: “It was the most comfortable, exciting, safe and beautiful experience for me to feel anxious in …while simultaneously coming out of my own isolated, comfort zone.

The purpose of the HSP Gathering Retreats has evolved over time.
An excerpt from The Artist’s Way (which I affectionately call the ‘HSP Way”) says it:

“HSPs like other HSPs. HSPs help each other. As HSPs, we must find those who believe in usand in whom we believe, and band together forsupport, encouragement, and protection.”

The HSP Gathering Retreats also serve to:

Gifts You Can Expect from attending
a HSP Gathering if you are open to them

Someone once said: “You get what you bring to a HSP Gathering and you take home what you are open to receiving.”
Here are some of the gifts you might receive from attending an HSP Gathering Retreat:

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