For HSPs by HSPs

Did you know that many, if not most HSPs, have hidden creative talents?
Many HSPs are writers, photographers, poets, artists, musicians, philosophers, spiritual leaders, and counselors.

I first met Candy Crawford in 2011 at the 23rd  HSP Gathering Retreat in Santa Barbara, California.   I first met Kathy White in 2011 at the 21st HSP Gathering Retreat in North Andover, Massachusetts.   How wonderful it is to still connect with them via their creative talents.

If you would like your creative talent or work of art featured here, please contact me here.

“This book is very unique, combining heart and mind in a way many of you will love and maybe even feel you have been waiting for. Some of us are all intellect, some full of useful tips, others preaching on behalf of HSPs, or seeking to improve, edify, or reassure us.” Elaine Aron 

A sensitive, freckle-faced child discovers the value of her uniqueness in a world where others are bigger and stronger. As her experience grows and her perspective broadens, she gains appreciation for pleasant surprises and gentle victories. Savour images of pink paint and a shoeshine box, adventures with a biplane and a water flosser, and discoveries of a mystery building and hidden art. Each ordinary object and situation evokes an extraordinary sentiment. In this first collection, Kathy White shares vignettes and essays describing up-close encounters from childhood to retirement. Her wistful reflections explore her quest for originality and competence, fostered through kindness and support.