Top Ten Reasons to Have a HSP Dyad Partnership ~ (or a significant reciprocal relationship)

Note:   A “dyad” in this instance is defined as:  a pair; specifically, sociology : two individuals  maintaining a sociologically significant relationship. With HSPs, a “dyad” can easily be expanded to include two or more individuals in a sociologically significant relationship — as is so uniquely, and beautifully co-created at the HSP Gathering Retreats, and on many […]

Spirituality and Empowerment: a unique connection

As we know, much in our world has changed since January 2020, which is why I believe the topic of spirituality and the importance of a spiritual practice are even more important as we all make our way through this unsettled and historical time brought about by so many external events beyond our immediate control. […]

Introversion, Extroversion and the Highly Sensitive Person

According to the documentary Sensitive: The Untold Story, there are 1.4 billion highly sensitive people (HSPs) in the world (15-20% of the population). As Elaine Aron’s research has shown, 30% of that 15-20% of the HSP population are sensitive extroverts – or approximately 420 million HSPs.  Unfortunately, due in great part to social media and recent books […]

The HSP Subcultures : Diversity in our Tribe

By Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC (Revised August 2020) It was at 10th HSP Gathering Retreat™  in June of 2006 at Walker Creek Ranch, in Petaluma, California when I looked around the room and immediately sensed the connections and similarities we all shared as highly sensitive people. Yet, it was also quite obvious how different we each […]

Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person

Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Personby Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC, HSP   1. Search for ways to live a balanced life, including spiritual, occupational, social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative. 2. Finding a creative outlet to express our deep perceptions of the world around us is crucial in supporting our unique HSP selves. 3. Examine all your […]