A Meditation of Hope and Love

It happened again and could have ruined the rest of my day. “It” being a daily bombardment of tragic news stories about the war in Ukraine…

Top Ten Reasons to Have a HSP Dyad Partnership ~ (or a significant reciprocal relationship)

Note:   A “dyad” in this instance is defined as:  a pair; specifically, sociology : two individuals  maintaining a sociologically significant relationship. With HSPs, a “dyad” can easily be expanded to include two or more individuals in a sociologically significant relationship — as is so uniquely, and beautifully co-created at the HSP Gathering Retreats, and on many […]

Spirituality and Empowerment: a unique connection

As we know, much in our world has changed since January 2020, which is why I believe the topic of spirituality and the importance of a spiritual practice are even more important as we all make our way through this unsettled and historical time brought about by so many external events beyond our immediate control. […]

Introversion, Extroversion and the Highly Sensitive Person

According to the documentary Sensitive: The Untold Story, there are 1.4 billion highly sensitive people (HSPs) in the world (15-20% of the population). As Elaine Aron’s research has shown, 30% of that 15-20% of the HSP population are sensitive extroverts – or approximately 420 million HSPs.  Unfortunately, due in great part to social media and recent books […]

The HSP Subcultures : Diversity in our Tribe

By Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC (Revised August 2020) It was at 10th HSP Gathering Retreat™  in June of 2006 at Walker Creek Ranch, in Petaluma, California when I looked around the room and immediately sensed the connections and similarities we all shared as highly sensitive people. Yet, it was also quite obvious how different we each […]

Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person

Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Personby Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC, HSP   1. Search for ways to live a balanced life, including spiritual, occupational, social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative. 2. Finding a creative outlet to express our deep perceptions of the world around us is crucial in supporting our unique HSP selves. 3. Examine all your […]

Depth of Processing

Depth of processing is the most basic aspect of our SPS trait, and results in the deep, rich inner life most HSPs experience. Research has shown more brain activation in the prefrontal cortex and in a part of the brain called the insula which has sometimes been referred to as the ‘seat of consciousness.’ This creates the tendency to reflect more than others about the “way the world is going or “the meaning of life.” By integrating information and experiences, from both past and present, the HSP’s unique depth of processing can enable a sense and understanding of longer term consequences and may be able to influence future decisions with more creative and expansive thought.