The 38th HSP Gathering Retreat Registration Form - September 14-18, 2023

Light on the Hill Retreat Center is located on 268 acres of woods, streams, gorges, walking paths and panoramic views.

One could think of the word “rustic” when describing this retreat center: made in plain and simple fashion; relating to the rural countryside.

One can also think about total QUIET and opportunities to view the night sky.

The 38th HSP Gathering Retreat Registration Form - September 14-18, 2023
"Coming Home to Ourselves and Reclaiming Our Wholeness as Highly Sensitive People" with Jacquelyn Strickland, and as always, our special guest, Dr. Elaine Aron, will join our group for 3 hours on Sunday, September 17.
Note: Light on the Hill is a small retreat center with a rustic feel on 268 acres... You will need to bring your own hair dryer, shampoo, toiletries, etc. There are no TVs. Wi-Fi is available via Verizon, T-Mobile or hotspots on your phone.

What to Bring

Towels, sheets, and shower gel are provided.
Bring your own toiletries, hair dryer, etc.
Average temperatures are 72 in the day, 46 at night.

Please share the foods you must avoid, and the foods you can enjoy. All meals have vegetarian and some gluten-free options.

Transportation & Getting to Light on the Hill

We STRONLY encourage ride-sharing. Please let us know ASAP at if you are willing to offer a ride and/or if you would like a ride. Other transportation & getting there questions answered here.

Note: GPS directions are inaccurate ... please follow directions here.

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Depth of Processing

Depth of processing is the most basic aspect of our SPS trait, and results in the deep, rich inner life most HSPs experience. Research has shown more brain activation in the prefrontal cortex and in a part of the brain called the insula which has sometimes been referred to as the ‘seat of consciousness.’ This creates the tendency to reflect more than others about the “way the world is going or “the meaning of life.” By integrating information and experiences, from both past and present, the HSP’s unique depth of processing can enable a sense and understanding of longer term consequences and may be able to influence future decisions with more creative and expansive thought.